To protect the environment, we need the right laws in place. To pass the right laws, we need to elect the right lawmakers.

Elected officials’ countless decisions – protecting our pristine lakes and spectacular rocky coastline, advancing clean energy policies, fully funding the Land for Maine’s Future program – impact our families and our home.

Maine Conservation Voters uses our political power to elect environmental leaders who will advocate for laws that protect Maine's natural resources, outdoor heritage, and climate future – regardless of party affiliation.

We know that the environment is not a partisan issue in Maine – it is part of our way of life. Using the strategic tools we have developed, we influence elections and successfully elect conservation champions on both sides of the aisle.

Once we elect, we hold lawmakers accountable. Throughout the legislative session, we educate Maine people about their legislators’ votes and make it easy for them to contact lawmakers on important issues. At the end of each session we distribute our annual Environmental Scorecard to thousands of people across the state to keep voters informed and engaged.