When all Maine people participate in our democracy, we have more hope for thriving, sustainable, equitable communities. Civic participation depends on voting rights, a representative judiciary, and transparent, open public processes and is critical for advancing environmental protection, the health of our communities, a strong economy, and education for all.

Mainers for Modern Elections

Voting Rights

Ensuring that Mainers can vote safely and securely is not a partisan issue; it’s a common sense issue. As a fundamental right, the right to vote should never come with barriers that make it more difficult, if not impossible, for some Mainers to vote while ensuring easy access to the ballot box for others. Maine consistently ranks at the top of the list in voter participation in the nation, and Maine Conservation Voters, along with our partners in the Mainers for Modern Election coalition, works steadfastly to keep it that way. We’re proud to have helped advance online voter registration, automatic voter registration, and other policies and practices that modernize Maine’s election system and improve efficiency, access, and security.

Courts Matter

State and federal courts – collectively known as the judiciary – have a powerful impact on the lives of Maine people. With our partners in the Courts Matter coalition, Maine Conservation Voters advocates for a judiciary that reflects the diverse backgrounds and lived experiences of the people it serves and believe that the judiciary should be fair, just, independent, qualified, and representative of our communities.