Climate Change

Climate Change

From increasing land and water temperatures to rising sea levels, more frequent and severe storms, and the spread of invasive species and public health threats, climate change is already impacting our state. Maine Conservation Voters works at the state and federal level to advance transformative climate policies and ensure their equitable implementation.

Maine Won't Wait

Maine Won’t Wait

Grounded in science and community and developed through a collaborative, whole-of-government process, Maine Won’t Wait is the State’s ambitious, specific, and equitable four-year plan to reduce emissions, prepare for climate change impacts, and strengthen our communities. It includes bold goals to:

Historic Federal Action

Even as Maine and other states act on climate, we need consistent leadership at the federal level in order to meet the climate crisis at the scale that science and justice demand. Transformative federal investments through the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act, and Inflation Reduction Act are funneling resources to support and expand Maine’s climate and clean energy policies. The Inflation Reduction Act alone represents the biggest climate investment in history and is delivering significant benefits to Maine.

Clean Energy

Maine needs large sources of clean, affordable energy to meet our bipartisan climate targets, including transitioning 80% of Maine’s electricity to renewables by 2030 and 100% by 2040. Equally crucial, a just transition to clean, affordable energy must work for ALL Maine people. Recognizing that the Gulf of Maine is home to some of the strongest, most consistent winds in the world, Maine Conservation Voters is partnering with conservation, clean energy, and organized labor allies – as well as businesses and communities – to advocate for responsibly developed offshore wind as an essential element of this transition. Using the best available research and data to inform siting, construction, and operations will help ensure that offshore wind coexists with the Gulf of Maine’s unique ecosystem and the people, communities, and wildlife that depend on it.

Through leadership roles in Maine’s Offshore Wind Roadmap and Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group, Maine Conservation Voters is engaging with stakeholders from coastal communities, fisheries, business, conservation, clean energy, organized labor, state government, and the University of Maine to set the standard for an offshore wind industry that sustains our climate, communities, and economy.

Natural Climate Solutions

Natural Climate Solutions

Even as Maine’s natural and working lands and waters are threatened by climate change, our natural resources are playing a powerful role in meeting our climate targets. For example, Maine’s vast and largely unfragmented forests have an outsized role to play in mitigating and adapting to climate change and ensuring continued biodiversity. Beyond their capture-carbon potential, our natural and working lands and waters safeguard communities from climate impacts like flooding and protect public health, local economies, and quality of life for communities. Maine Conservation Voters advocates for natural climate solutions in our climate action and conservation priorities.

Community Resilience

Maine communities have a vital role to play in reducing carbon emissions, transitioning to clean energy, and becoming more resilient to climate change effects such as extreme weather, flooding, rising sea levels, public health impacts, and more. Through our popular online Lunch & Learn series, outreach events, and more, Maine Conservation Voters connects the dots to engage Maine people and communities, including to the State’s Community Resilience Partnership Program.

Climate Change