2015 Scorecard

2015 Session in Review

Dear Friend of Maine’s Environment,

This year’s legislative session marked the beginning of Governor LePage’s second term. LePage continues to put Maine’s natural legacy at risk, despite overwhelming opposition from people across the state.

There is no clearer example than LePage’s actions to block the Land for Maine’s Future Program (LMF), which, since 1987, has protected working farms, forests and waterfronts, trails and wildlife habitats throughout Maine. LePage is holding LMF bonds hostage—bonds approved by 60 percent of Maine voters in 2010 and 2012, despite a promise to issue them when the state’s hospital debt was paid off in 2013.

LePage did not keep his word in 2013 and once again is using LMF as a bargaining chip for an unrelated matter. Hundreds of people around the state have asked, “How can the Governor stand in the way of something that was approved by the voters?”

On LMF and many other environmental issues this year, legislators had their own say. Were they successful in advancing conservation and building a cleaner energy future? Did they defend current laws to protect our air, land, water and wildlife? Who supported Land for Maine’s Future? And who showed courage and leadership when our environmental protections were most at risk?

Maine Conservation Voters was there at the State House every day, and we’re pleased to share with you what happened in this year’s Environmental Scorecard. The fights over LMF, energy and clean water are not over. We hope you will use the information provided in this scorecard to learn more about the actions of your own legislators. Once armed with the facts, please contact your lawmakers and let them know what you think about their environmental records.

Thank you for your partnership in this work!

Maureen Drouin, Executive Director
Roger Berle, Board President