Upcoming Sessions

July 30

Understanding the Wildlife and Marine Impacts of Offshore Wind

Offshore wind energy is rapidly becoming a near-term climate solution throughout the northeast. However, this has generated concerns about how wind energy will affect wildlife and the marine ecosystem. Join Dr. Damian Brady, Agatha B. Darling Associate Professor of Oceanography at the University of Maine at Orono, to learn about... Read more

Past Sessions

July 23

Seabird Conservation in Maine

Conservation actions over the last several decades have restored the entire historic suite of seabird species to the coast of Maine, including puffins, terns, murres, and others. Join Dr. Don Lyons, Director of Conservation Science for Audubon's Seabird Institute, to learn about Maine's seabirds, their recovery and emerging challenges, and... Read more
June 11

Community Resilience and Climate Change

Communities leading the way on building climate resilience are an important part of Maine's efforts to fight climate change. Join Brian Ambrette, Senior Climate Resilience Coordinator in the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, to learn about the state’s new community resilience pilot project and Governor Mills’ recent... Read more
June 4

A Conversation with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, from Maine's First Congressional District, will join us to share her priorities and insights and will talk about what we can expect to see from Congress on issues ranging from climate action to land conservation to getting America back to work. As the House Appropriations Committee's Interior... Read more
May 21

Preparing for the Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is one of the most pressing challenges facing the state of Maine. Join Melanie Loyzim, Commissioner of Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection; Representative Lydia Blume; and Nick Battista, Senior Policy Officer at the Island Institute to learn more about the Maine Legislature’s efforts to analyze the impacts... Read more
May 14

Exploring the Night Sky

With Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument designated as the first International Dark Sky Place in the state of Maine and New England, we are uniquely positioned in Maine to explore the galaxy from our own backyards. Shawn Laatsch, Director of the Versant Power Astronomy Center at the University of... Read more
May 7

Invest in Land, Water, and Parks

Land conservation has significant benefits for public health; forestry, farming, fishing, and our outdoor economy; carbon sequestration and storage; and wildlife protection. For 30 years, the Land for Maine's Future (LMF) program has helped conserve our natural resources, secure public access to beloved places, and protect more than 600,000 acres... Read more
April 23

Spring Birds in Maine

Did 2020 turn you into a birdwatcher? Us too. Judy Camuso, Commissioner of Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, will join us to talk about Maine's spring birds. We'll learn together about how to attract them to our yards, how to identify them, and how climate change is impacting... Read more
April 2

Phasing Out Toxic PFAS Chemicals

Toxic PFAS — chemicals used in thousands of everyday products including cookware, clothing, food packaging, textiles, and car seats — are contaminating our lands and waters, threatening public health, and burdening municipalities with expensive cleanup. State Rep. Lori Gramlich of Old Orchard Beach has introduced legislation to phase out the... Read more
March 26

A Conversation with Congressman Jared Golden

Representative Jared Golden from Maine's Second Congressional District will join us to share his priorities and insights and will talk about what we can expect to see from Congress on issues ranging from climate action to land conservation to building back after the COVID-19 crisis. ... Read more
March 19

Banning Aerial Herbicide Spraying in Maine’s Woods

The increase in aerial spraying of herbicides for forestry management runs contrary to state policy – but it’s on the rise. Join us as Senate President Troy Jackson, MOFGA deputy director Heather Spalding, and citizens from the North Woods discuss banning the aerial spraying of glyphosate and other synthetic herbicides... Read more
March 5

Tribal Sovereignty and Efforts in the Maine Legislature

Penobscot Nation Ambassador Maulian Dana and Passamaquoddy Tribal Citizen and Attorney Corey Hinton will join us to discuss the history of tribal-state relations, the push for amendments to the Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act, and why recognition of inherent sovereignty of tribal nations is critically important to the Wabanaki... Read more
February 19

Of Bold Mice and Shy Squirrels

Of bold mice and shy squirrels: how the personality of a mouse can shape a whole ecosystem. Alessio Mortelliti, Associate Professor of Wildlife Habitat Conservation at the University of Maine at Orono, will join us to discuss his work, animal personality, and why it matters for conservation. ... Read more
February 12

Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine

Offshore wind represents a major opportunity for Maine’s clean energy future and our economy. The development of offshore wind technology in Maine will create jobs, grow clean energy to meet our ambitious targets, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The development of offshore wind must be done in coordination with Maine’s... Read more
January 29

What Does It Take to Change a Community?

How can we help our lower income families own their homes? Can homeownership not only help families, but also revitalize our neglected neighborhoods? Join us as Nancy Williams of the Waterville Community Land Trust (WCLT) tells us about their Milliken Project that focuses on a 20-home neighborhood. WCLT provides perpetually... Read more
December 18

Sustainable Eating and Maine’s Fishery

What role do fisheries play in making food production more sustainable for the health of our planet? Kyle Foley, senior program manager of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Sustainable Seafood Program, will join us to discuss her work, local seafood, and what you can do to eat more sustainably.... Read more
December 11

The Fight to Connect Maine

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted how essential reliable broadband internet is and yet many Mainers are still without access. Nick Battista, Senior Policy Officer for the Island Institute, and chair of the ConnectMaine Authority Board, will join us to discuss why advocates in all sectors should care about broadband... Read more
December 4

Treading On Its Dragon’s Teeth: Maine and the Slave Trade

Discover the little-known connections between Maine and global slavery. Dr. Kate McMahon, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, will discuss the importance of Maine’s role in the global slave trade and the importance of new research and exploration into this history. Dr. McMahon will explore how African... Read more
November 20

Climate Change Refugees and the Impending Crisis

What happens when climate change forces individuals to leave their homes forever? There is no clear answer under current law, but it implicates international law, refugee law, immigration policies in general, and varies by country. Anna Welch, the Sam L. Cohen Refugee and Human Rights Clinical Professor at University of... Read more
October 30

Advocacy Amid Crisis with the ACLU of Maine

Michael Kebede, Policy Council for the ACLU of Maine, will reflect on the reckoning that the mass movement currently roiling America has meant for established advocacy groups like MCV and the ACLU. He will reflect on the disjuncture, and possible complementarity, between policy advocacy and social movements and upheavals. He... Read more
October 23

Nature-Based Education in Maine

Discover how youth leadership and community collaborations are supporting nature-based initiatives in schools and communities. Amara Ifeji, Grassroots Development Coordinator for MEEA Changemakers and NBEC Climate Education Taskforce Co-Chair and Steering Committee member, and Korah Soll, Founding Director of Rural Aspirations and NBEC Steering Committee member, will talk about the... Read more
October 16

The Supreme Court Case that Upended Federal Indian Law

Who has jurisdiction over crimes committed on tribal lands? The answer has clear consequences for criminal and civil justice -- and much more nuanced implications for tribal sovereignty. Erick Giles, an Attorney with Drummond Woodsum and citizen of the Mvskoke (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma from the Rekackv (Broken Arrow) Tribal... Read more
October 9

Solar Energy’s Bright Future in Maine

Phil Coupe, co-founder of Revision Energy, will join us to discuss the viability of our solar resource in northern New England and show how switching from fossil fuels to reliable, cost-effective renewable energy reduces carbon emissions and provides energy and economic security. We will discuss the opportunities created by last... Read more
September 25

Foraging in Maine

Nikaline Iacono, wild plant educator and owner of Vessel and Vine in Brunswick, will join us to discuss foraging throughout the seasons. Maine is filled with an abundance of edible wild plants and fungi, that span all four seasons. We will look at what plants and mushrooms are in season... Read more
September 18

An Update on the Maine Climate Council

Hannah Pingree, Director of the Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, will join us to give an update on the Maine Climate Council’s work to develop a new Climate Action Plan for Maine that ensures a reduction in carbon pollution of 45% by 2030 and 80% by 2050... Read more
September 11

The Geology of the Maine Coast

Dr. Joe Kelley, a Professor of Marine Geology at the University of Maine, will present the “Geology of the Maine Coast.” In this presentation, he will explain the three elements which form the coast, its bedrock, glacial deposits, and modern processes, and explore the impact of sea level on the... Read more
August 28

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

Kelly Kryc, Ph.D., New England Aquarium’s Director of Ocean Policy, will join us to discuss President Trump’s recent proclamation regarding the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. On June 5, President Trump visited Maine and convened a commercial fishing roundtable where he signed a proclamation to open the monument... Read more
August 21

A People’s (Virtual) Walking Tour of Portland

Seth Goldstein, Professor at the Maine College of Art, will join us to present “A People’s (Virtual) Walking Tour of Portland.” Professor Goldstein will start at the statue of George Cleeves on the waterfront and will walk us through the history of the First Peoples in the region; the French... Read more
August 14

Holding Big Oil Accountable

Megan Matthews, Research Associate at the Center for Climate Integrity, will join us to present on Maine's climate impacts, the associated financial costs, and the fossil fuel industry's history of disinformation and climate denial, which should help answer the question: who should be held accountable for these costs: corporate polluters... Read more
August 7

Community Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

Judy East, Co-Chair of the Community Resilience Planning, Emergency Management, and Public Health Working Group of the Maine Climate Council, will present the working group's recommendations that it submitted to the Maine Climate Council on June 18, 2020. This presentation is part of several outreach efforts underway during the summer... Read more
July 31

Reducing the Carbon Impact of our Built Environment

Two members of the Maine Climate Council Buildings, Infrastructure and Housing Working Group — Ellen Belknap, AIA and Jesse Thompson, AIA — will join us to present early adopter building projects that demonstrate positive steps toward reducing the carbon impact of our built environment. Jesse Thompson, AIA is a partner... Read more
July 24

The Atlantic Black Box Project

Meadow Dibble, a Visiting Scholar at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, will join us to discuss the Atlantic Black Box Project—a Portland-based public history initiative devoted to researching and reckoning with New England’s role in the slave trade and the economy of enslavement. Despite the... Read more
July 17

Defending Environmental Protections at the Federal Level

Over the past three years, the Trump Administration has irresponsibly rolled back close to 100 environmental and health protections. NRCM’s Federal Director Emmie Theberge and Environment America’s Clean Cars Campaign Director Morgan Folger will explain the major rollbacks, explore what they mean for Mainers, and share what you can do... Read more
June 19

Tribal Sovereignty Legislation Update

Corey Hinton and John Banks will join us to present on the Fish & Game and Environmental components of LD 2094, An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Task Force on Changes to the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Implementing Act. Michael-Corey (Corey) F. Hinton is a citizen of the... Read more
June 5

Introduction to Climate Science

Dr. Karl Kreutz, Professor at the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and the Climate Change Institute at UMaine will be giving us an introductory course in climate science. He will cover how global warming works, the current period of climate change we are experiencing, and its impacts — both... Read more
May 15

Carbon Pricing

Robert Stoddard, Managing Director of Berkeley Research Group's Energy & Climate practice discussed the opportunities and challenges for pricing carbon emissions to help address the climate crisis.... Read more
May 8

A Climate Action Plan for Maine

During this Lunch & Learn, we discussed the Maine Climate Council's work to develop a new Climate Action Plan for Maine. Hannah Pingree, Director of the Governor's Office of Policy, Innovation, and the Future; Jerry Reid, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection; and Dan Burgess, Director of the... Read more
May 1

Sustainable Gardening

Rowen Gorman, Community Agriculture Program Coordinator at Cultivating Community will be teaching us how to create successful gardens this spring in our yards or on our decks using sustainable practices.... Read more
April 24

Coastal Carbon Sequestration

Beverly Johnson, Professor of Geology at Bates College will talk about how we can manage coastal ecosystems, such as salt marshes and seagrass beds, to store carbon and help mitigate the drivers of climate change. And Kristen Puryear of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Maine Natural Areas Program... Read more
April 17

Climate-Friendly Farming

Rick Kersbergen, UMaine Cooperative Extension Professor and sustainable dairy and forage systems expert will teach us about no-till farming and other techniques to sequester carbon and reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.... Read more