Power to Protect: SCOTUS Attacks on the EPA and Federal Regulatory Agencies

The US Supreme Court has been captured and corrupted by far-right special interests, including the fossil fuel industry. They’re attacking our environmental protections and our rights. One of the most dangerous trends at the Court is the right-wing supermajority systematically taking power from agencies like the EPA—which protect the people from powerful special interests—and transferring that power to unaccountable judges with ideological agendas. In this Lunch & Learn panel, join Chelsey Davidson, Policy Counsel at Take Back the Court Action Fund, Persis Yu, Deputy Executive Director and Managing Counsel at Protect Borrowers Action, and Doug Lindner, Senior Director of Judiciary and Democracy at the League of Conservation Voters, as they lay out what the Justices are up to and how it affects our environment, our rights, and more.


Sep 15 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Maggie Somers