Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund Endorses Governor Janet Mills over Paul LePage

Endorsement is a commendation of Mills’ leadership and an indictment of LePage’s
BANGOR, ME – Today, Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund (MCVAF) endorsed Governor Janet Mills for re-election over Paul LePage. Gathering at the Bangor City Forest, supporters and speakers highlighted Gov. Mills’ forward-looking approach to addressing climate change, accelerating the state’s transition to 100% clean renewable energy while reducing the state’s dependence on oil, and protecting Maine’s waters, wildlife, and way of life for future generations. This stands in stark contrast to the oil-dependent, anti-environmental legacy of Paul LePage. In 2018, Maine Conservation Voters compiled a detailed report of Paul LePage’s eight years in office and the setbacks that Maine’s environment and clean energy sector endured – click here to view the report.
“Only one candidate – Governor Janet Mills – will develop clean renewable energy, tackle climate change, and ensure that our land, water, and wildlife are protected for future generations,” said Maureen Drouin, Executive Director, Maine Conservation Voters. “Janet Mills is a forward-looking governor of action, while Paul LePage is stuck in the past. Paul LePage was willing to sacrifice the health of our environment and weaken protections for our kids time and again. He kept the state-dependent on oil and gas and turned his back completely on the potential of clean technology as an economic engine for our state that would bring good-paying union jobs and long-term price stability. Paul LePage’s lack of action on climate change was short-sighted and irresponsible. We cannot just go back to the way things were. Time is precious. What we do over the next few years will determine what future we create for our children. We need a Governor of Action – we need Janet Mills.”
“From fighting climate change, to tackling PFAS contamination, to conserving our lands and waters, my Administration is taking unprecedented action to protect Maine,” said Governor Janet Mills. “For as long as I am Governor, I pledge to the people of Maine that we will fight to protect this precious place we call home, to preserve Maine’s natural beauty for our children and grandchildren, and to build a strong, thriving economy that provides opportunity for all Maine people.”
“We can no longer place soldiers in harms way over oil wars. Oil wars that drive up the cost of gas here in Maine. Wars, like the one in Ukraine, which allow oil corporations to be profiteers in times of crisis. The United States is addicted to oil. It’s time to get Maine off that addiction and Governor Mills is leading the way by investing in renewable energies,” shared Lance Weddell, US Army Veteran.
“I am a registered Maine Guide. I have a guiding business – Mahoosuc Guide Service – in Newry up in the western mountains of Maine,” said Polly Mahoney, co-founder of Mahoosuc Guide Service. “I have been lucky that I have been able to make a living guiding and that’s the only thing I have done for the last 32 years. I obviously need wild country and clean rivers and Janet Mills has been supportive of these and more. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without these places. For this, I am endorsing Governor Mills today.”
“Governor Mills’ commitment to our natural heritage and her steadfast support of our democracy led the board of Maine Conservation Voters to unanimously support MCV Action Fund’s endorsement,” said Jennifer Melville, Board President, Maine Conservation Voters. “Under the leadership of Governor Mills we will continue to move forward toward a better future for Maine’s people and natural world. She will continue to tackle all of our challenges head-on and with the will of Maine people at the forefront. The differences between Governor Mills and Paul LePage could not be clearer: Governor Mills leads on protecting our lands and waters for Mainers to enjoy, while Paul LePage ignored the voters who overwhelmingly voted to support the popular Land for Maine’s Future program. While Paul LePage tried to open Maine lands to metallic mineral mining, Governor Mills protected Maine’s outdoor heritage for future generations,” continued Jennifer.
“When I think of the Maine I want my children to inherit, I think about how important it is for them to be able to enjoy Maine’s beautiful outdoors,” said Emerald Russell Forcier, a mother from Bangor. “I think about ensuring good-paying jobs to help keep them in Maine if they choose – jobs in the renewable energy sector, farming, fishing, and more. In order to protect their future, we need to place Maine before corporate interests who will not think twice about destroying Maine’s outdoor heritage and clean energy industries to fill their own pockets.”