Why We Care:

"Perhaps the single most effective action to enhance Maine’s business climate and economic competitiveness is to aggressively increase the energy efficiency of the Maine economy.” – Maine economist Charlie Colgan

Maine is paying more for energy than is necessary, in large part due to waste that could be avoided with cost-effective efficiency programs like weatherization. We already know energy efficiency programs work, and we know how to implement them. What we need is the political will to make efficiency a priority and fund these programs.

"One of the most effective and immediate ways we can help people stretch their energy dollars is throughout weatherization.” - Senator Susan Collins, April 25, 2013

Efficiency Maine is making significant progress to help homeowners and businesses save money by investing in cost-effective energy efficiency, but there is potential to save millions more. Due to political barriers, Maine invests less per capita in energy efficiency than any other New England state. This hurts Maine ratepayers. Weatherization can cut the cost of heating by 25% to 50%. But weatherization requires a substantial up- front investment that many Mainers can’t afford.

Maine can do very little to affect energy prices, but we can increase investments in energy efficiency to lower energy bills. Energy efficiency is the cheapest energy resource available.  It can also be readily available to Mainers through existing and effective tools like Efficiency Maine programs for people to weatherize their homes.