Poll workers are critically important to the functioning of American democracy. Yet our loose patchwork system of local election administration is under serious threat. In this session, we’ll present initial findings from an ongoing project to understand the characteristics and experiences of poll workers here in Maine: Who are they? Why do they do this work? How has recent mistrust in election integrity impacted their experience? And how does the experience of being a poll worker shape their attitudes towards elections and democracy generally?

Learn more from Rob Glover, Associate Professor of Political Science and Honors at the University of Maine; Jordan P. LaBouff, Associate Professor of Psychology and Honors at the University of Maine; and Carrie LeVan, Assistant Professor of Government at Colby College. They’re currently working on this project in collaboration with local town clerks and election administration officials in Maine, as well as the Maine Secretary of State’s office. Their work is supported by an Election Protection and Enhancement Grant from the Scholars Strategy Network, an organization of university-based scholars who are committed to using research to improve public policy and strengthen democracy.

Join the call: https://maineconservation.zoom.us/j/88209868254