Our program will feature a special tribute to Horace Augustus Hildreth Jr., “Hoddy”, who passed away on December 12, 2019. We will remember Hoddy for his lifetime of leadership, dedication and integrity in protecting our state's outstanding natural resources.

Hoddy wrote, sponsored and advocated for many of Maine’s most important environmental laws including the Department of Environmental Protection’s Site Location Law, the Wetlands Control Law, the Bottle Bill and the law that created Maine’s Land Use Regulation Commission.

He helped publish Maine Conservation Voters’ first Environmental Scorecard in 1986 and served on the Board of Directors for more than ten years. As a Board Member, he helped the organization develop from all volunteer to one with professional staff and a growing sphere of environmental and political influence. Hoddy brought a pragmatic and wise perspective to board debates, often punctuating the discussion with an important pearl of wisdom, delivered with humor.

Hoddy's work in the private and public sectors, as an architect and champion of some of Maine’s strongest environmental laws and programs, serves as an inspiration to us all.