An Act to Improve Maine's Economy and Energy Security with Solar Energy (2014)

The solar rebate bill provided for a reinstatement of rebates on the purchase of solar equipment through a fund at Efficiency Maine in the amount of $1,000,000/yr. until December 2016. The funds would have come from a surcharge on electric customers at the cost of 60 cents a year for the average homeowner. The program could have made solar affordable for more people, created local jobs, reduced energy imports, and improved air quality. However, since this bill did not get enacted, Maine remains the only state in New England without a policy encouraging solar power. The legislature passed the bill by a wide margin, especially after heat pump rebates for low income people were included in the bill. The Governor vetoed the bill and while the House overrode the veto, the Senate failed to do so (24 votes were needed to override). The veto override roll call votes are scored.