Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 200: Metallic Mineral Exploration, Advanced Exploration and Mining, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection (2014)

Sponsors: Joan W. Welsh

After over two years of debate sparked by a bill introduced in 2012 directing the Department of Environmental Protection to rewrite Maine’s metallic mining rules, the legislature rejected the rules that had been drafted by the LePage administration and then weakened by the Board of Environmental Protection. Lawmakers rejected the rules as not protective enough of Maine’s water resources or taxpayers who would inevitably pay clean up costs. Instead, they passed a bill (LD 1772) directing the Department of Environmental Protection to begin again and present rules to the legislature for approval or rejection in 2016. The Governor vetoed the bill, which means there is no legislative directive to draft new rules, and the 1991 mining rules remain in effect. The roll call vote that rejected the Mining Rules is the one scored.

Senate Votes

District Name Vote

House Votes

District Name Vote
3 Bernard L. A. Ayotte A
135 Paulette G. Beaudoin
68 Michael G. Beaulieu
148 Roberta B. Beavers
76 Henry E. M. Beck
141 Paul Edward Bennett A
67 Seth A. Berry
90 Russell J. Black
142 Andrea M. Boland
69 Brian D. Bolduc
93 Sheryl J. Briggs
42 Joseph E. Brooks
138 James J. Campbell, Sr.
40 Richard H. Campbell
72 Michael E. Carey
137 Alan M. Casavant A
32 Katherine W. Cassidy
37 Ralph Chapman
147 Kathleen D. Chase
6 Tyler Clark
107 Janice E. Cooper
55 H. David Cotta
104 Dale J. Crafts
28 Dean A. Cray
91 Jarrod S. Crockett
66 Matthea Elisabeth Larsen Daughtry
62 Jennifer L. DeChant
51 Michael G. Devin
47 Elizabeth E. Dickerson
33 Peter Doak
86 Ann E. Dorney
88 Larry C. Dunphy
39 Brian M. Duprey
105 Ellie Espling
49 Jeffrey Evangelos
146 Mark W. Eves
117 Richard R. Farnsworth
8 Joyce A. Fitzpatrick A
58 Lori A. Fowle
25 Kenneth Wade Fredette
18 Aaron M. Frey
126 Drew Gattine
106 Sara Gideon
12 Jeffery Allen Gifford
87 Paul E. Gilbert
41 James S. Gillway
15 Adam A. Goode
109 Anne P. Graham
59 Gay M. Grant
22 Stacey K. Guerin
123 Scott M. Hamann
116 Denise Patricia Harlow
89 Lance Evans Harvell
94 Teresea Hayes
43 Erin D. Herbig
82 Craig V. Hickman
133 Barry J. Hobbins
35 Brian L. Hubbell
100 Roger A. Jackson
27 Peter B. Johnson
20 David D. Johnson E
45 Brian L. Jones
115 Erik C. Jorgensen
124 Bryan T Kaenrath
65 Peter S. Kent
83 Dennis L. Keschl
99 Jonathan L. Kinney
81 L. Gary Knight
17 Victoria P. Kornfield
48 Chuck Kruger
36 Walter A. Kumiega III
84 Karen Kusiak A
71 Michel A. Lajoie
139 Aaron F Libby
30 Lawrence E. Lockman
9 Ricky D. Long
77 Thomas R. W. Longstaff
38 Louis J. Luchini
132 W. Bruce MacDonald
61 Sharri K. MacDonald
34 Richard S. Malaby
131 Donald G. Marean A
53 Timothy I. Marks
60 Andrew T. Mason
143 Anne-Marie Mastraccio
85 Jeff M. McCabe
103 Michael D. McClellan
4 Carol A. McElwee
149 Paul D. McGowan A
129 Andrew J. McLean A
121 Kimberly J. Monaghan
118 Matthew W. Moonen
108 Stephen W. Moriarty
122 Terry K. Morrison
1 Allen Michael Nadeau
54 Catherine M. Nadeau
112 Mary Pennell Nelson
80 Melvin Newendyke
144 William F. Noon (Deceased) E
78 Robert W. Nutting
140 Wayne R. Parry
44 Jethro D. Pease A
13 Anita Peavey Haskell
125 Ann E. Peoples
92 Matthew J. Peterson
145 Joshua R. Plante
57 Matthew G. Pouliot
101 Christine B. Powers
63 Charles R. Priest
111 Jane P. Pringle A
97 Helen Rankin
23 Roger E. Reed
136 Megan M. Rochelo A
74 Margaret R. Rotundo
120 Diane M. Russell
151 Deane Rykerson
130 Linda F. Sanborn
52 Deborah J. Sanderson
5 Robert J. Saucier
64 Jeremy G. Saxton
16 John C. Schneck
102 Michael A. Shaw (Resigned)
29 Stanley Byron Short, Jr.
128 Heather W. Sirocki
143 Stephen S. Stanley
114 Peter C. Stuckey
2 Charles Kenneth Theriault
96 Jeffrey L. Timberlake
19 Ryan D. Tipping
79 Sharon Anglin Treat
11 Beth P. Turner
110 Thomas M. Tyler
21 Arthur C. Verow
98 Lisa Renee Villa
24 Raymond A. Wallace
150 Windol C. Weaver
46 Joan W. Welsh
70 R. Wayne Werts
7 Alexander Reginald Willette
56 Corey S. Wilson A
50 Ellen A. Winchenbach
95 Tom J. Winsor
75 Stephen J. Wood