An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Issuance of Bonds and To Effectuate the Issuance of Bonds To Support Maine’s Natural Resource-based Economy (2015)

Sponsors: Roger J. Katz

The Governor continues to withhold Land for Maine’s Future funding, approved by voters in 2010 and 2012. LMF supports the conservation of farms, forests, waters and recreational access. The Governor held the bonds hostage in 2013 until a hospital debt was paid. The debt was paid and the Governor promised, in writing, to release the bonds. The Governor broke his promise and held the bonds hostage again this year, subverting the will of Maine voters. This time, LePage demanded an increase of timber harvesting on public lands above current sustainable levels, to fund unrelated heating programs. Sen. Katz sponsored a bill to require Governor LePage to release the LMF bonds. The Legislature voted to support the bill but the Governor vetoed it. On the last day of the session, the Senate voted to override the veto, but the House failed to override it by five votes. Six representatives switched their votes after receiving intense pressure from the Governor’s office. Despite this tremendous disappointment, immediately following the vote, another bill was amended (LD 1454) to direct the Governor to release the LMF bonds. This bill was passed by both bodies and will likely be vetoed by the Governor in January. The Legislature will have a chance to override this potential new veto in 2016.

Senate Votes

District Name Vote
27 Justin L. Alfond
23 Linda L. Baker
20 Eric L. Brakey
25 Catherine Breen
6 David C. Burns
34 Ronald F Collins
10 Andre E. Cushing III
16 Scott W. Cyrway
4 Paul T. Davis
26 Bill Diamond
5 James F. Dill
32 David E. Dutremble
1 Peter Edgecomb
24 Stanley J. Gerzofsky
9 Geoffrey M. Gratwick
19 James M. Hamper
28 Anne M. Haskell
35 Dawn Hill
13 Christopher K. Johnson
15 Roger J. Katz
7 Brian D. Langley
21 Nathan L. Libby
22 Garrett Paul Mason
14 Earle L. McCormick
29 Rebecca J. Millett
12 David R. Miramant
18 John L. Patrick
8 Kimberley C. Rosen
17 Thomas B. Saviello
11 Michael D. Thibodeau
31 Linda M. Valentino
30 Amy Fern Volk E
3 Rodney L. Whittemore
2 Michael J. Willette
33 David C. Woodsome

House Votes

District Name Vote
138 Robert W. Alley, Sr.
67 Susan M. W. Austin
8 Christopher W. Babbidge
35 Dillon F. Bates
33 Kevin J. Battle
2 Roberta B. Beavers
110 Henry E. M. Beck
93 Pinny Beebe-Center
63 Bruce A. Bickford
114 Russell J. Black
3 Lydia Blume
61 Heidi E. Brooks
24 Mark E. Bryant
113 Andrew Russell Buckland
96 Christine S. Burstein
21 James J. Campbell, Sr.
130 Richard H. Campbell
46 Paul Chace
133 Ralph Chapman A
47 Janice E. Cooper
25 Patrick W. Corey
56 Dale J. Crafts A
49 Matthea Elisabeth Larsen Daughtry
101 James E. Davitt
52 Jennifer L. DeChant
90 Michael G. Devin
72 Kathleen R. J. Dillingham
85 Donna R. Doore
121 Robert S. Duchesne
122 Michelle Ann Dunphy
118 Larry C. Dunphy
148 Anthony J. Edgecomb
65 Ellie Espling
91 Jeffrey Evangelos
6 Mark W. Eves
37 Richard R. Farnsworth
111 Bradlee Thomas Farrin
11 Ryan M. Fecteau
7 Robert A. Foley
80 Lori A. Fowle
100 Kenneth Wade Fredette
124 Aaron M. Frey
34 Drew Gattine
20 Karen A. Gerrish
48 Sara Gideon
74 Paul E. Gilbert
98 James S. Gillway
69 Phyllis A. Ginzler
60 Jared F. Golden
127 Adam A. Goode
83 Gay M. Grant
82 Randall Adam Greenwood
12 Martin J. Grohman
102 Stacey K. Guerin
32 Scott M. Hamann
142 Sheldon Mark Hanington
87 Jeffery P. Hanley
36 Denise Patricia Harlow
89 Stephanie Hawke
117 Frances M. Head
97 Erin D. Herbig
73 Lloyd C. Herrick A
81 Craig V. Hickman
120 Norman E. Higgins
76 Gary L. Hilliard
55 Brian D. Hobart
14 Barry J. Hobbins
13 George W. Hogan
135 Brian L. Hubbell
4 Patricia Hymanson
41 Erik C. Jorgensen
99 MaryAnne Kinney
22 Jonathan L. Kinney
125 Victoria P. Kornfield
92 Chuck Kruger
134 Walter A. Kumiega III
58 Michel A. Lajoie
137 Lawrence E. Lockman
145 Ricky D. Long
109 Thomas R. W. Longstaff
132 Louis J. Luchini
129 Peter A. Lyford
136 Richard S. Malaby A
16 Donald G. Marean
150 John L. Martin
151 Roland Danny Martin
18 Anne-Marie Mastraccio
107 Jeff M. McCabe
66 Michael D. McClellan
51 Joyce McCreight
149 Carol A. McElwee
27 Andrew J. McLean
62 Gina M. Melaragno
30 Kimberly J. Monaghan
38 Matthew W. Moonen
31 Terry K. Morrison
78 Catherine M. Nadeau
77 Robert W. Nutting
5 Beth A. O'Connor
10 Wayne R. Parry
115 Matthew J. Peterson
108 John Joseph Picchiotti
116 Richard A. Pickett
44 Teresa S. Pierce A
53 Jeffrey K. Pierce
86 Matthew G. Pouliot
68 Christine B. Powers
17 Dwayne W. Prescott
103 Roger E. Reed
59 Margaret R. Rotundo
39 Diane M. Russell
1 Deane Rykerson
26 Linda F. Sanborn
88 Deborah J. Sanderson
147 Robert J. Saucier A
64 David P. Sawicki
126 John C. Schneck
9 H. Stedman Seavey
23 Michael A. Shaw (Resigned)
144 Roger L. Sherman
106 Stanley Byron Short, Jr.
28 Heather W. Sirocki
112 1Thomas H. Skolfield
143 Stephen S. Stanley
119 Paul A. Stearns A
105 Joel R. Stetkis
42 Peter C. Stuckey
95 Gary E. Sukeforth
54 Denise A. Tepler
79 Timothy S. Theriault
75 Jeffrey L. Timberlake
45 Michael J. Timmons
123 Ryan D. Tipping
50 Ralph L. Tucker
139 William R. Tuell
141 Beth P. Turner
29 Karen Vachon
128 Arthur C. Verow
70 Nathan J. Wadsworth
104 Raymond A. Wallace
131 Karleton S. Ward
84 Charlotte Warren
94 Joan W. Welsh
146 Dustin Michael White
71 Tom J. Winsor
57 Stephen J. Wood