An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Maine's Natural Resource-based Economy (2012)

The Legislature authorized a $5 million bond for the Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) program. The bond helps protect working farms, forests and waterfronts that are the backbone of Maine’s economy. LMF has an outstanding record of success protecting Maine’s natural legacy and a history of bipartisan support. Many legislators supported the bond this year in the hope that some LMF funds will be used to protect deer wintering habitat.

Senate Votes

District Name Vote
16 Margaret M. Craven
12 Bill Diamond
35 Troy Dale Jackson
25 Thomas H. Martin

House Votes

District Name Vote
67 Seth A. Berry
70 Bruce A. Bickford A
90 Russell J. Black
110 Mark E. Bryant
101 Richard M. Cebra
119 Benjamin M. Chipman
26 Paul T. Davis
14 James F. Dill
12 Jeffery Allen Gifford
22 Stacey K. Guerin
1 John L. Martin
145 Beth A. O'Connor
140 Wayne R. Parry
40 Kimberley C. Rosen
74 Margaret R. Rotundo
96 Jeffrey L. Timberlake
143 John L. Tuttle