An Act To Provide Lower Energy Costs to Maine Businesses and Residences by Carrying Out the Legislature’s Intent Regarding Funding of the Efficiency Maine Trust (2015)

The Legislature restored energy efficiency funding to the Efficiency Maine Trust. In March, the Public Utilities Commission slashed $38 million from energy efficiency programs. The funding cut was the result of a clerical error in the omnibus energy bill of 2013 – the word “AND” had been erroneously omitted. Rep. Gideon sponsored a bill to fix the error and restore the energy efficiency funding. The bill overwhelmingly passed both bodies and was vetoed by Governor LePage. In an act of solidarity and good governance, the Legislature unanimously overrode the Governor’s veto. This was one of the bills the Governor held hostage; offering to sign the bill in exchange for more control over Efficiency Maine. The Legislature did not agree to the Governor’s terms.