An Act to Provide for the Safe Collection and Recycling of Mercury-containing Lighting (2009)

LD 973 creates a first-in-the-nation recycling system for CFLs that will be paid for in part by the bulb manufacturers. The bill also sets a reasonable standard for how much mercury can be contained in light bulbs sold in Maine and improves the state’s procurement policy to prefer light bulbs with the lowest possible mercury content.

Senate Votes

District Name Vote
32 Joseph C. Perry Sr.

House Votes

District Name Vote
109 Susan M. W. Austin
67 Seth A. Berry
70 Bruce A. Bickford
101 Richard M. Cebra
16 Margaret M. Craven
1 John L. Martin
95 H. Sawin Millett Jr.
31 Anne C. Perry
143 John L. Tuttle