An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Commission to Study the Public Reserved Lands Management Fund (2017)

Public Reserved Lands are managed for a variety of resources including outdoor recreation, wildlife habitat conservation, and commercial timber harvesting. In 2015, a study commission developed a set of recommendations for improving access, prioritizing recreation infrastructure projects, and clarifying that timber harvest revenue should be used by the Bureau of Parks and Lands for stewardship and management. The bill was enacted, vetoed, and failed on the override vote in 2016. Sen. Saviello introduced the bill again in 2017. Once again, the bill passed the legislature with large margins and was vetoed by the governor. But this year, the legislature voted to override the veto. The veto override votes are scored here.


Senate Votes

District Name Vote
25 Catherine Breen
27 Benjamin M. Chipman
16 Scott W. Cyrway
4 Paul T. Davis
32 Susan A. Deschambault
26 Bill Diamond
5 James F. Dill
1 Troy Dale Jackson
18 Lisa Keim
21 Nathan L. Libby
29 Rebecca J. Millett E
12 David R. Miramant
8 Kimberley C. Rosen
23 Eloise A. Vitelli
33 David C. Woodsome

House Votes

District Name Vote
138 Robert W. Alley, Sr.
67 Susan M. W. Austin A
8 Christopher W. Babbidge
14 Donna Bailey
93 Pinny Beebe-Center A
55 Seth A. Berry
63 Bruce A. Bickford A
114 Russell J. Black
3 Lydia Blume A
80 Richard T. Bradstreet
61 Heidi E. Brooks
24 Mark E. Bryant
127 Barbara A. Cardone
68 Richard M. Cebra A
42 Benjamin T. Collings
25 Patrick W. Corey
49 Matthea Elisabeth Larsen Daughtry
72 Kathleen R. J. Dillingham
85 Donna R. Doore
122 Michelle Ann Dunphy
111 Bradlee Thomas Farrin
66 Jessica L. Fay
11 Ryan M. Fecteau
118 Chad Wayne Grignon
102 Stacey K. Guerin
101 David G. Haggan
87 Jeffery P. Hanley
19 Matthew A. Harrington A
117 Frances M. Head
81 Craig V. Hickman
4 Patricia Hymanson
145 Chris A. Johansen
99 MaryAnne Kinney
2 Mark W. Lawrence
129 Peter A. Lyford
110 Colleen M. Madigan
150 Roland Danny Martin
151 John L. Martin
18 Anne-Marie Mastraccio
148 David Harold McCrea
51 Joyce McCreight
62 Gina M. Melaragno
38 Matthew W. Moonen
5 Beth A. O'Connor
15 Margaret M. O'Neil
23 Lester S. Ordway
10 Wayne R. Parry
77 Michael D. Perkins A
140 Anne C. Perry
116 Richard A. Pickett
44 Teresa S. Pierce
86 Matthew G. Pouliot
17 Dwayne W. Prescott
31 Lois Galgay Reckitt
21 Heidi H. Sampson
43 Heather B. Sanborn
112 Thomas H. Skolfield
119 Paul A. Stearns
105 Joel R. Stetkis
39 Michael A. Sylvester
40 Rachel Talbot Ross
54 Denise A. Tepler
26 Maureen Fitzgerald Terry
79 Timothy S. Theriault
75 Jeffrey L. Timberlake
50 Ralph L. Tucker
139 William R. Tuell
70 Nathan J. Wadsworth
84 Charlotte Warren
146 Dustin Michael White
96 Stanley Paige Zeigler, Jr.