An Act to Ensure Equity in the Funding of Maine’s Transportation Infrastructure by Imposing an Annual Fee on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (2018)

Sponsors: Wayne R. Parry

LD 1806

We all benefit from cars and trucks that pollute less – the air is cleaner, our health is better, and we’re one step closer to energy independence. Maine drivers shouldn’t be penalized for choosing fuel-efficient vehicles that reduce gasoline imports, use locally-produced energy, create less carbon pollution, and keep more money in Maine’s economy. LD 1806 would have unfairly taxed drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles. The money raised from this tax would not be significant enough to put a dent in Maine’s transportation funding shortfall. The bill failed to pass in either the House or the Senate. The House unanimously defeated LD 1806 without a roll call; the Senate vote to accept the fee was defeated and is scored here.

Senate Votes

District Name Vote
25 Catherine Breen
27 Benjamin M. Chipman
16 Scott W. Cyrway
4 Paul T. Davis
32 Susan A. Deschambault
26 Bill Diamond
5 James F. Dill
1 Troy Dale Jackson
18 Lisa Keim
21 Nathan L. Libby
29 Rebecca J. Millett
12 David R. Miramant
8 Kimberley C. Rosen
23 Eloise A. Vitelli
33 David C. Woodsome

House Votes

District Name Vote