An Act to Amend Motor Vehicle Laws (2008)

Since the Loon Conservation Plate program was established in 1993, $14 million has been invested in conservation, wildlife habitat, and park programs through the Departments of Conservation and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. In 2007, 63,000 Mainers participated in this popular program. LD 2075 was amended by the Transportation Committee to divert $1 from all specialty plate funds to the Department of Transportation for management of the program. This would have resulted in taking much-needed money from conservation efforts.

Senate Votes

District Name Vote
32 Joseph C. Perry Sr.

House Votes

District Name Vote
109 Susan M. W. Austin
140 Christopher W. Babbidge
67 Seth A. Berry
101 Richard M. Cebra
16 Margaret M. Craven
34 John L. Martin
95 H. Sawin Millett Jr.
31 Anne C. Perry
143 John L. Tuttle