As amended by the majority of the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, this otherwise good bill would have made it more difficult to establish regulations that protect Maine people and wildlife from poisonous pesticides. The amended legislation required that all rules governing pesticide application return to the Legislature as so-called “Major Substantive Rules” before they can be implemented. This cumbersome process of bringing regulations back to the Legislature can result in significant delays, increased politicization of the issues, and additional opportunities for regulated industries to weaken the proposals. The amended bill ultimately was rejected and replaced with language that does not categorically require pesticide regulations to return to the Legislature for approval.

Status: Enacted


Score of 100? Senator Party - District Vote
Susan M. W. AustinRepublican - 67
Christopher W. BabbidgeDemocrat - 8
Richard M. CebraRepublican - 68
Margaret M. CravenDemocrat - 59
Philip A. CurtisRepublican - 111
Donald G. MareanIndependent - 16
John L. MartinDemocrat - 151
H. Sawin Millett Jr.Republican - 71
Anne C. PerryDemocrat - 140
Joseph C. Perry Sr.Democrat - 124
John L. TuttleDemocrat - 18


Senator Party - District Vote
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Votes / Roll Calls:

DateDescYeaNayNo VoteAbsentTotalPassedChamber
01/01/2006Roll Call6500111
Susan M. W. AustinNay
Christopher W. BabbidgeYea
Richard M. CebraNay
Margaret M. CravenYea
Philip A. CurtisNay
Donald G. MareanYea
John L. MartinNay
H. Sawin Millett Jr.Nay
Anne C. PerryYea
Joseph C. Perry Sr.Yea
John L. TuttleYea