This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the creation of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, but legislation was introduced that threatens the wilderness character of this spectacular and rare resource. The 1966 bond measure approved overwhelmingly by Maine voters established the clear goal of enhancing the “maximum wilderness character” of the waterway. Some progress has been made in achieving this goal, but this legislation transforms six bridges into permanent structures, locks into statute 11 summer vehicular and 19 snowmobile access points, requires legislative approval of the waterway’s management plan and overrules the consensus-based 2003 “River Drivers Stakeholder’s Agreement.”


Score of 100? Senator Party - District Vote
Susan M. W. AustinRepublican - 67
Christopher W. BabbidgeDemocrat - 8
Richard M. CebraRepublican - 68
Margaret M. CravenDemocrat - 59
Philip A. CurtisRepublican - 111
Donald G. MareanIndependent - 16
John L. MartinDemocrat - 151
H. Sawin Millett Jr.Republican - 71
Anne C. PerryDemocrat - 140
Joseph C. Perry Sr.Democrat - 124
John L. TuttleDemocrat - 18


Senator Party - District Vote
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Votes / Roll Calls:

DateDescYeaNayNo VoteAbsentTotalPassedChamber
01/01/2006Roll Call280111
Susan M. W. AustinNay
Christopher W. BabbidgeYea
Richard M. CebraNay
Margaret M. CravenYea
Philip A. CurtisNay
Donald G. MareanAbsent
John L. MartinNay
H. Sawin Millett Jr.Nay
Anne C. PerryNay
Joseph C. Perry Sr.Nay
John L. TuttleNay