We all benefit from cars and trucks that pollute less – the air is cleaner, our health is better, and we’re one step closer to energy independence. Maine drivers shouldn’t be penalized for choosing fuel-efficient vehicles that reduce gasoline imports, use locally-produced energy, create less carbon pollution, and keep more money in Maine’s economy. LD 1806 would have unfairly taxed drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles. The money raised from this tax would not be significant enough to put a dent in Maine’s transportation funding shortfall. The bill failed to pass in either the House or the Senate. The House unanimously defeated LD 1806 without a roll call; the Senate vote to accept the fee was defeated and is scored here.

Status: Bill failed to get a majority in either the House or Senate and died.

Sponsor: Wayne R. Parry


Score of 100? Senator Party - District Vote
Rebecca J. MillettDemocrat - 30
Thomas B. SavielloRepublican - 17


Senator Party - District Vote
Shenna L BellowsDemocrat - 14
Eric L. BrakeyRepublican - 0
Catherine BreenDemocrat - 25
Michael E CarpenterDemocrat - 2
Brownie CarsonDemocrat - 24
Justin M. ChenetteDemocrat - 31
Benjamin M. ChipmanDemocrat - 27
Ronald F CollinsRepublican - 34
Andre E. Cushing IIIRepublican - 0
Scott W. CyrwayRepublican - 16
Paul T. DavisRepublican - 4
Susan A. DeschambaultDemocrat - 32
Bill DiamondDemocrat - 26
James F. DillDemocrat - 5
Dana L. DowRepublican - 13
Geoffrey M. GratwickDemocrat - 9
James M. HamperRepublican - 19
Dawn HillDemocrat - 0
Troy Dale JacksonDemocrat - 1
Roger J. KatzRepublican - 15
Lisa KeimRepublican - 18
Brian D. LangleyRepublican - 0
Nathan L. LibbyDemocrat - 21
Joyce A. MakerRepublican - 0
Garrett Paul MasonRepublican - 0
David R. MiramantDemocrat - 12
Kimberley C. RosenRepublican - 8
Michael D. ThibodeauRepublican - 0
Eloise A. VitelliDemocrat - 23
Amy Fern VolkRepublican - 0
Rodney L. WhittemoreRepublican - 0
David WoodsomeRepublican - 33

Votes / Roll Calls:

DateDescYeaNayNo VoteAbsentTotalPassedChamber
01/01/2018Roll Call191500341
Shenna L BellowsYea
Eric L. BrakeyYea
Catherine BreenYea
Michael E CarpenterYea
Brownie CarsonYea
Justin M. ChenetteYea
Benjamin M. ChipmanYea
Ronald F CollinsNay
Andre E. Cushing IIINay
Scott W. CyrwayYea
Paul T. DavisNay
Susan A. DeschambaultYea
Bill DiamondYea
James F. DillYea
Dana L. DowYea
Geoffrey M. GratwickYea
James M. HamperNay
Dawn HillNay
Troy Dale JacksonYea
Roger J. KatzNay
Lisa KeimNay
Brian D. LangleyNay
Nathan L. LibbyYea
Joyce A. MakerNay
Garrett Paul MasonNay
Rebecca J. MillettYea
David R. MiramantYea
Kimberley C. RosenNay
Thomas B. SavielloYea
Michael D. ThibodeauNay
Eloise A. VitelliYea
Amy Fern VolkNay
Rodney L. WhittemoreNay
David WoodsomeNay