In 1978, Maine banned the construction of new seawalls because the walls increase coastal erosion and worsen storms by preventing sand dunes from naturally protecting beaches and homes. LD 1218 attempted to lift this ban and allow the construction of any permanent barrier to protect a residential property from natural disasters. The bill was defeated because its broad language would have allowed unregulated construction of many seawalls and other barriers along Maine’s coast and because the state proposed alternative solutions for protecting residential properties without causing damage to sand dune systems.


Score of 100? Senator Party - District Vote
Susan M. W. AustinRepublican - 67
Seth A. BerryDemocrat - 55
Bruce A. BickfordRepublican - 63
Richard M. CebraRepublican - 68
Margaret M. CravenDemocrat - 59
Philip A. CurtisRepublican - 111
John L. MartinDemocrat - 151
H. Sawin Millett Jr.Republican - 71
Ann E. PeoplesDemocrat - 125
Anne C. PerryDemocrat - 140
Joseph C. Perry Sr.Democrat - 124
John L. TuttleDemocrat - 18


Senator Party - District Vote
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Votes / Roll Calls:

DateDescYeaNayNo VoteAbsentTotalPassedChamber
01/01/2009Roll Call660012
Susan M. W. AustinNay
Seth A. BerryYea
Bruce A. BickfordNay
Richard M. CebraNay
Margaret M. CravenYea
Philip A. CurtisNay
John L. MartinYea
H. Sawin Millett Jr.Nay
Ann E. PeoplesYea
Anne C. PerryYea
Joseph C. Perry Sr.Yea
John L. TuttleNay